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The travel company that will change the way you see the world: LOCALIKE New York.

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Sounds too good to be true, but we tried it and it works.

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If you’re after something a little different, then there’s no better way to explore hidden New York than with LOCALIKE.

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Unusual experiences.

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Five insider tips for making your New York visit more personal courtesy of travel expert LOCALIKE New York.

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LOCALIKE New York, an innovative online service that curates customized tips on where to go and what to do away from traditional tourist areas.

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If you want an insiders’ guide to the city, try LOCALIKE, a new service that helps visitors live like a local.

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They can get more personalised access to things, which would otherwise be out of reach.

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Personal New York itineraries.

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It’s not until you’re presented with an itinerary full of never-before-seen options that are both cool – and entirely ‘up your alley’ that you realise you haven’t even scratched the surface of New York City.

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LOCALIKE is THE new travel planning service for New York.

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Trusting travel company LOCALIKE with the organisation of my New York trip was definitely the right decision.

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Real, local knowledge delivered on a personalised level [...] Eye-opening, in more ways than one.

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LOCALIKE New York: reviewed by a real New Yorker.

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Like a well-tailored suit, the customized travel itinerary helps the traveler make the most of his/her leisurely excursion.

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Living la vida local. If you really want to get to know New York, LOCALIKE will show you where to go.

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A tailored guide to what each adventurer wishes to experience.

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LOCALIKE is a real insider’s perspective and a refreshing new way of getting to know the city.

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A new, authentic experience.

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The local team knows all the cool hidden gems in the city.

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LOCALIKE gives you a personalized experience while saving you the time it takes to plan it.

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Insider advice to experience the real city.

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Bespoke advice on the most up-to-date and off the beaten path sights, events, and restaurants.

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Romantic options that stretch far beyond the usual tourist traps.

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Go beyond the usual tourist spots.

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LOCALIKE is a trip planning service that canvasses NYC locals to help plan unique – you’d never find it on your own – experiences for your trip.

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With LOCALIKE, you experience the metropolis as a resident would. Like a local.

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With LOCALIKE, benefit from insider recommendations, exclusive access and opportunities to meet the people that make this city unique.

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With LOCALIKE, explore NYC like a local. There’s no need for tedious web searches or guidebooks to painstakingly go through. This cool service customizes the itinerary based on you and your interests! Less hassle, more fun!

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LOCALIKE: See New York the right way.

One of the largest business magazines in the UK.

The experts at LOCALIKE are well-travelled, with local insider information at their fingertips.

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LOCALIKE, a pioneering insider travel service, enables travellers to access the real New York.

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The LOCALIKE travel planner unlocks exclusive NYC experiences.

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See New York like a local!

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The insider advantage: seeing the Big Apple the way locals do with LOCALIKE New York.

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LOCALIKE’s revolutionary concept ensures no valuable holiday time is wasted, guaranteeing an enjoyable stay in NYC from the first minute to the last.

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‘Living like a local’ with LOCALIKE New York. A rare insider’s perspective along with the practical tips needed.

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Making New York possible.

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LOCALIKE knows everything and can even make the impossible possible, like a friend who wants to show you the extraordinary side of his city.

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LOCALIKE creates individual vacation itineraries based on personal preferences and interests.

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LOCALIKE is constantly on the move and up-to-date. Just reading the tips will make you yearn for the Big Apple.

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An insider tip from moderator Kathy: LOCALIKE New York.

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The new New York—unique insider tips you won’t find in travel guides.

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Customized recommendations for visitors to New York. Up-to-date tips and highlights for an off-the-beaten-track experience of the city.

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Make a wish. An exploration of New York’s many facets requires a lot of time—or a ton of insider tips. Personalized travel plans for New York, by locals.

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LOCALIKE - a smart business idea: individual travel tips that are off the beaten path!

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Good friends on-site. You tell them what you like and they tell you where to go.

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The experience-maker.

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No matter what your plans are, LOCALIKE will take care of everything.

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LOCALIKE New York offers a fresh perspective on The City That Never Sleeps, apart from the typical tourist attractions.

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Anyone wanting to discover New York can rely on LOCALIKE.

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The travel plans are as individual as the customers, which makes it possible for everyone to experience his or her own New York highlights.

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Good news for German-speaking visitors to the Big Apple: there’s LOCALIKE New York.

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Personalized New York. LOCALIKE perfects customized traveling. We like!

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Leaves the mainstream behind and designs plans for
every kind of traveler.

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The ultimate New York scout.

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The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: LOCALIKE provides an escape from the information jungle and offers tips for all target groups.

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Tap dancing classes? Gardening on a rooftop farm? A tour of the hippest galleries? It’s all possible with LOCALIKE.

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Do as the locals do.

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Your New York connection. LOCALIKE plans personalized trips.

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Thanks to LOCALIKE, a trip to New York means a trip to super cool, non-touristy spots.

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For a great overview, turn to LOCALIKE New York.

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Personalized tips from LOCALIKE for springtime visits.

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LOCALIKE has its finger on the pulse of the times. It assembles customized travel plans perfectly suited to customers’ needs and tastes.

Zurich’s lifestyle and design magazine.Open PDF (in German) »

It’s a brilliant idea: LOCALIKE makes it possible for visitors to explore the less-discovered corners of New York—like a local.

One of the largest regional daily newspapers in Switzerland.Open PDF (in German) »

LOCALIKE, an on-site, online friend, customizes the travel guide service to the age of the internet.

Switzerland’s largest hospitality journal.Open PDF (in German) »

On the move in New York and Rome—like the locals.

One of the most important travel website in Switzerland.Open link (in German) »

Even real individualists will be satisfied by LOCALIKE’s travel plans. Discover the metropolis from a brand new perspective.

Largest travel magazine in Austria.Open PDF (in German) »

LOCALIKE guarantees that each visitor will experience his or her personal, authentic Rome highlights.

Travel Magazine in Germany.Open PDF (in German) »

Rome for insiders—the city’s true soul only reveals itself to natives and to LOCALIKE Rome clients.

The largest regional daily newspaper in Austria.Open PDF (in German) »

Your personal New York travel-service, getting you the tips for an authentic New York experience, off the beaten tourists’ paths.

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Individualized city tips.

Sunday newspaper in Switzerland.

The sky is the limit–thanks to LOCALIKE New York.

German luxury magazine.

An excellent service! New York customized.

Swiss expat magazine.Open link (in German) »