Andreas Leuzinger

Founder & Owner of LOCALIKE New York, Concierge & Scout

Andreas Leuzinger has New York in his blood: his mother is a third-generation Manhattanite. Andreas, a marketing specialist, grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, but found himself drawn to New York again and again, with increasing regularity. His fascination turned into passion, and passion turned into love. Today the 34-year-old lives and works in Manhattan.

Andreas was always passionate about discovering and creating new things. For him, New York is more than an inspiration—it’s a treasure trove of creative ideas. The city continues to give him both the inspiration and creative nourishment to continue delivering the LOCALIKE experience. Visiting museum and art galleries, as well as theater and dance productions are like his daily bread; music and food are his fire. He is especially inspired by any new and experimental creative endeavors. His specialty is picking out the most delicious morsels of culture and serving them to his customers.

Andreas has found his culinary home in a picturesque NoLita restaurant. Here, market-fresh Mediterranean delicacies are fine-tuned, cooked and served. And as a cherry on top: the restaurant is hidden and virtually unmarked, so this secret tip really stays a secret. Rightly so, Andreas thinks.

Nana Asase

Business Development Manager & Culture Broker

Nana Asase has a unique vantage point on life in New York. Her worldview is derived from a mixture of three cultures: Her fondest childhood memories are of Accra, Ghana, where she was born. Nana was partly raised in Germany, and–after living here for two decades–now calls New York City home. The City still mesmerizes her day in, day out.

Nana enjoys observing cultural ecosystems in big cities and New York serves as the perfect playground for her eclectic interests: its life, the universe and everything in between. This multilingual cosmopolitan is passionate about taste and pleasure, our individual stories, and how all these elements translate into our aesthetic choices. After studying Literary Criticism and Design, she followed a path through the art world into arts & non-profit administration at iconic New York institutions before finding a home at LOCALIKE. Here, she digs up and shares the hidden gems of this magical city with our clients.

When Nana is not at a contemporary dance performance or out and about exploring New York’s pulsating undercurrents on the verge of becoming the latest trends, you might find her deeply engaged in conversation with friends–whenever possible, over a delectable meal.

Sara Teckenberg

Project Director Digital Marketing & Business Development, Concierge & Scout

Sara lives life to the fullest and breathes the world in deeply. She was born in Germany and lived in the Big Apple for a year in 2006; then, stints abroad in Switzerland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Singapore, China, and Ireland helped her to refine a sense for trends and individualized recommendations over the years. Ten years after her first sojourn in New York City, she’s found her way back again.

As a marketing expert and art lover with degrees in communications and cultural economics, the 29-year-old often finds herself in specialized boutique museums or on routine tours through the city’s exhibition spaces. She’s especially hot on the heels of the contemporary and the innovative.

Sara prefers to discover the city’s streets and alleyways on foot. No distance is too far, no detour too extravagant, and no excursion is in vain when it comes to not only seeing New York but also living it. Like a local. In the evenings, her fitness app shows her how many steps she’s taken over the course of the day, and she’s constantly breaking her old records.