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    Life in New York can be fast-paced, hectic, and stressful. Even as a visitor, it's not easy to find some peace since exploring could go on without end. So how do New Yorkers find their balance? We are letting you in on the secret and invite you to experience it for yourself, with our new SELECTION offer Wellness & Beauty! The best recommendations to pamper yourself from head to toe: an appointment with a hairstylist to the stars, organic skincare, made in NYC or a luxurious afternoon at a Roman bath spa. We do anything for your wellbeing and reveal the best insider tips.

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  • The largest rhino sculpture in the world

    The Last Three the largest rhino sculpture in the world has been unveiled at Astor Place, New York. The artists created the statue to raise awareness for the endangered species and started a petition online against the use of rhino horns. The massive 16-foot bronze sculpture depicts the last three surviving northern white rhinoceros, one of which has unfortunately died recently.
    Learn more about their project and how to help here:

  • Tips to get around NYC without your phone

    Thanks to the street grid system, finding your way around New York is actually pretty easy. That being said, there are always confusing situations: which way is south and which way is north? East? West? And where in Central Park am I, exactly? We’ve assembled six tips to help you navigate your way around the city like a local.

    1. Central Park is enormous and it’s easy to lose your orientation there. For this reason, the park’s lampposts serve as reference points. Most are marked with numbers that correspond to the crossroads, which are located at the same height on both sides of the park. If a lantern is marked with the number 7304, for example, you’re between 73rd & 74th Streets.

    2. Traffic in Manhattan usually only travels in one direction. On streets with odd numbers (i.e., 17th Street), the traffic travels west. On even-numbered streets, traffic travels east.

    3. Traffic on avenues (i.e. 5th Avenue) travels north and south, almost always in alternating directions (beginning with 1st Avenue, which is north-bound).

    4. There’s a trick that will help you remember the order of the avenues (e.g., Lexington Avenue) in Manhattan: “You can take a CAB back home if it’s Late PM.” Columbus, Amsterdam, and Broadway are on the west side of the city; Lexington, Park, and Madison Avenue are on the east side.

    5. 5th Avenue divides Manhattan’s east and west sides. On each side, the street numbering starts at 5th Avenue. 10 East 36th Street is east of 5th Avenue and is an altogether different address than 10 West 36th Street. The only exception is Broadway, which in some places runs diagonally through the city.

    6. In Manhattan, most of the northbound (or uptown-bound) subway lines can be accessed on the east side of a given street. The southbound (or downtown-bound) lines tend to be located on the west side of the street. Remembering this will save you from having to cross the street at the last minute before taking the subway.

    When all else fails, there is, of course, still Google Maps—or LOCALIKE New York. :)

  • New York landmark in Tribeca

    One of New York's favorite new landmarks is the Jenga-like skyscraper by the Swiss star architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron. The 60-story residential tower at 56 Leonard Street in Tribeca features a stacked-blocked form, which draws comparisons with the wooden blocks used in a game of Jenga. The design is fished off with ten unique penthouses and a bulbous mirrored sculpture by artist Anish Kapoor on the ground floor. Other significant projects by the prestigious architectural firm are the Tate Modern in London and the Beijing National Stadium also known as the Bird's Nest.

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    #ThankYouNewYork for always being yourself.
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