Monthly Archives: May 2018

  • Musical Instrument in New York Subway

    Since 1995, a public instrument in the New York City subway has engaged travelers to connect musically with their urban environment. Waiting pedestrians reach up and wave their hands in front of one of the eight openings, to interrupt a beam of light. This activates the artwork titled REACH, which then emits a range of sounds—from melodic instruments (flute) to environmental sounds (rain forest). The piece by Christopher Janney is installed on both the uptown and downtown platforms of the 34th Street N/R station. Jam with your fellow subway riders! See a live performance here:


  • Horses in New York City

    To most NYC visitors, horses are only a familiar sight in Central Park, when in fact the NYPD has its own unit of 55 horses. The lucky 22 animals, which happen to be stationed in NYC call fancy new stables located on the ground floor of the luxury rental Mercedes House in Hell’s Kitchen their home. It's next door to the Mercedes dealership that gives the building its name. The horses enjoy a 26,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility that features 27 stalls, two hot water horse showers, automatic water feeders, an exercise ring, and an on-site horseshoer.
    Walk along West 53rd Street, and we promise, you will be able to sniff out the right building.