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  • Empire State Building Completes $165M Revamp With New Observatory

    With the debut of a new 80th-floor observatory, the Empire State Building has officially completed its four-year, $165 million redevelopment of the iconic skyscraper. The opening came after unveiling its new mini museum and the new 102nd-floor observation deck a couple of months ago.

    The 80th floor has different new components, all geared towards highlighting the building’s prominent place in the city’s skyline. This includes an exhibit, several binoculars with augmented reality scenes of NYC, etc.

    On the 102nd floor, visitors can soak up panoramic views of Manhattan and beyond from 1,250 feet above street level with floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

    The 10,000-square-foot museum, tells the history of the building from its construction to its prominent place in the city’s culture.