Charming Mini Trips with New York Ferry

Ferry service in NYC began in 1817 with trips between Staten Island and Manhattan. With 23.9 million passengers each year, the Staten Island Ferry it is the busiest ferry route in the United States and the world's busiest passenger-only ferry system. After 200 years, the city has introduced 6 additional ferry routes and expanded service to all five boroughs. This translates to 4 million more passengers on the East River each year. Though the public ferry can get crowded during the summer months, locals and visitors agree: It’s the most scenic (and sometimes fastest) way to get around and the best $2.75 you can spend while in NYC.

The public NYC Ferry is very popular with New Yorkers commuting to/from work in waterfront Neighborhoods along the East River. Besides running efficiently and on-time, it offers on-board snacks or drinks, including Rosé on tap – a relaxing treat on a summer evening. Speaking of summer evenings…How does a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline or Brooklyn Bridge at sunset sound as a backdrop for your ferry ride? Most public ferries have an outdoor deck with spectacular, unobstructed views of your favorite iconic landmarks.
LOCALIKE Tip: Want to enjoy a mini beach excursion? Take the Rockaway ferry from Lower Manhattan to Rockaway, Queens where you will find locals surfing, or frolicking in the sun and the Atlantic Ocean. For more info, visit:

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