New York Hosts Special Guests in its Coastal Waters

Who would have thought that dolphins, whales and seals call New York home?
During the summer months, humpback whales on their way to the Caribbean for the winter spend some time in coastal waters of New York. Several environmental initiatives have led to cleaner water off New York City’s coasts, which have becoming inviting for the beautiful water creatures.

For several years, the non-profit organization Gotham Whale has been on a mission to educate New Yorkers about marine life in the area through responsible whale watching and dolphin adventure cruises. Now visitors can also join in on the adventure as the sightings have become more common. They had a confirmed 272 sightings in 2018. While whale & dolphin sightings are not guaranteed during the beautiful cruise along the waterfront, it is also a great opportunity for seal and birdwatching. You will want to bring along your binoculars for this spectacular family adventure. More info:

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