Serve a Full Thanksgiving Meal on an L Train? Only in New York City!

Jodell Lewis, a local comedian, wanted to do something different for Thanksgiving this year, so he and a few friends came up with an elaborate idea: a full meal on the subway.

After months of planning, they decided to go ahead with it, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner — bird and all — on a Brooklyn-bound L train. Video of the meal surfaced on social media and almost immediately went viral.

The New York City subway is no stranger to wild stunts, like the annual No Pants Subway Ride or the time a man riding in a car, dressed as a turkey, carved and ate an actual turkey, or when two people set up a Ping-Pong match.

In videos of the meal, Jordell’s friends and collaborators and surprised strangers shared a meal of turkey, collard greens and macaroni and cheese. “A lot of people haven’t had black Thanksgiving,” Jordell, who is African-American, said. So, the idea, he said, was to “make people feel like we’re inviting you to our home.” Jodell, who works with a group of New York-based comedians and artists, said his aim was to “feed hungry New Yorkers and give back.”

The entire journey took about an hour, taking the group from Union Square all the way to Rockaway Parkway. There, they cleaned up and gave some of their leftovers to the homeless.

“It was amazing to provide a classic New York City moment,” Jordell said. “Nothing else can compare to being able to eat Thanksgiving with random strangers on a New York City train,” he said. “That’s what people come to our city for.” LOCALIKE’s comment: ❤️
Click here to watch a short video about the dinner:

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