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  • New York City Celebrates World Pride

    June in New York City is synonymous with LGBTQIA+ pride: It’s the month during which New Yorkers commemorate the Stonewall riots, which have come to be defined as the catalyst for the modern-day LGBTQIA+ movement in the United States. But what actually happened during the Stonewall riots in June of 1969? And how will New Yorkers + 6 million expected tourists celebrate the historical events on their 50th anniversary this June? With a month-long festival looking back at what has been accomplished so far and with big, star-studded celebrations, of course!

    Here’s a quick history lesson: A police raid of Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich Village, took place during the early hours of June 28, 1969. Patrons and employees were roughly dragged out of the bar, which had been raided before on numerous occasions. On that day, the bar patrons and neighbors decided to stand up to the police. Six days of protests and violent clashes ensued with the police, bringing together neighbors and members of the LGBTQIA+ community from far and wide. This all took place outside the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street, in the nearby Christopher Park and neighboring streets in Greenwich Village. The unrest drew a lot of media attention worldwide and injected new life into the LGBTQIA+ movement.

    The events and stories surrounding the riots in June of 1969 and their impact, have been transformed into a beautiful interactive digital monument by Google. Do not miss this special tribute, which takes you to that historical period and back at stonewallforever.org.

    World Pride, the largest event promoting LGBTQIA+ issues internationally, will take place in New York this year. In addition to a big march on June 30, the city will also host festivals, human rights conferences, and a variety of fun and family-friendly activities. Here are a few highlights that shouldn’t be missed:

    Family Movie Night: “Coco!”
    - June 21, 2019 at Hudson River Park | 2019-worldpride-stonewall50.nycpride.org/events/family-movie-night
    - Free movie screening under the stars for the entire family.

    Human Rights Conference 
    - June 24 – 25, 2019 at New York Law School | 2019-worldpride-stonewall50.nycpride.org/events/human-rights-conference
    - A two-day gathering of activists, artists, journalists, policymakers etc. engaged in LGBTQIA+ human rights work around the world.

    WolrdPride Opening Ceremony
    - June 26, 2019 at Barclay’s Center | 2019-worldpride-stonewall50.nycpride.org/events/opening-ceremony
    - A benefit concert for several LGBTQIA+ organization. Headliners include Chaka Khan, Cindi Lauper & Billy Porter.

    Pride Island 
    - June 29–30, 2019 at Hudson River Park, Pier 97 | 2019-worldpride-stonewall50.nycpride.org/events/pride-island
    - A two-day live music festival featuring icons Grace Jones & Madonna, and Kim Petras.

    NYC Pride March 
    - June 30, 2019 on 5th Avenue | 2019-worldpride-stonewall50.nycpride.org/events/nyc-pride-march
    - New York’s most colorful and character-laden parade, featuring floats by 500+ groups and organizations. It’s the biggest celebration of LGBTQIA+ life and community.

    LGBTQIA+ History Tour 
    - Various dates in Greenwich Village | 2019-worldpride-stonewall50.nycpride.org/events/tour-and-toast-for-stonewall-50
    - A 90-minute walking tour of the Village led by expert guides, who will uncover the city’s hidden LGBTQIA+ past.