Customer Feedback

Below are some examples of feedback we have received from our customers. Thank you for your comments! We look forward to every single one. If you would like to provide feedback on our service, please send an e-mail to

Best ever in your category as city advisor. We are super happy.

Miriam Gauch, Berneck (Switzerland)

Our stay in New York was truly memorable. It has left us with many exciting, interesting, and instructive impressions–emotional ones, too.
Thanks to LOCALIKE's support, we were made aware of highlights that we otherwise would not have been able to experience. Our expectations were completely satisfied. The word «perfect» fits your service very well.
Thank you so much for the great service. We will recommend LOCALIKE at every opportunity.

Familie Gerster, Wil (Switzerland)

We had an amazing time in New York thank you - really made the most out of the itinerary too and ate at a lot of the recommended delis/restaurants and did lots of fun Christmassy stuff too. It really did feel like we moved away from the touristy stuff and lived like a local - so much so that I’m desperate to move out there! Thanks again for all of your help. I will definitely recommend the service to any friends/family visiting in the near future.

Elysia Shaw, Middlesbrough (United Kingdom)

Our New York trip was unique and unforgettable thanks to the many personalized tips, including the music concert with a view of the Statue of Liberty, the delicious and charming Jamaican restaurant, the flea market, and the boat and bike tours. Absolutely worth recommending. Thank you!

Anne Thede, Düsseldorf (Germany)

Thanks to your many recommendations, we got to know wonderful corners of New York that were new to us. The reservations worked out great as well and were a highlight every time.
Thank you for your service. We look forward to using LOCALIKE again and will be happy to recommend it to friends and acquaintances.

Werner Amacher, Steinhausen (Switzerland)

I wanted to thank you again, very much, for your tips. Your suggestions were really great and an excellent fit—exactly what we wanted! A great service!

Sybille Ludwig, London (England)

Many thanks again for your service! We had a great week in New York and tried out most of the recommendations! Thanks especially for the reservation at the Korean restaurant. We had an excellent evening there with very delicious food. We also very much liked the concert and bars you recommended. These recommendations (which were so super-close to our lodgings) really suited our taste—as did the breakfast bar. The ship architecture excursion around Manhattan was a great tip as well. That was a great start to our stay, with that glorious weather on the first day. As a geographer and a lover of big cities, I think the LOCALIKE concept is absolutely brilliant. I will definitely recommend you to others.

Jasmin Schwarz, Cologne (Germany)

Your culinary and cultural tips were magnificent. They also gave us very good milestones for the day. Many thanks again. We had a great week in NYC.

Pascale Probst, Zurich (Switzerland)

The rooftop bar you recommended in Brooklyn was a total hit!!! We had gorgeous weather, and the timing—just before sunset—was right on the money. We were lost in amazement—it was unbelievably beautiful. Thank you so very, very much for that tip. That was probably the best ending to our New York trip that one could possibly imagine.
We really enjoyed many of your other tips as well. For example, the kitchen supply store was really the bomb. I'd never seen anything like it before. I could have bought the whole shop... Breakfast on Lexington Avenue was very nice. The seats at the musical were perfect. On Sunday morning, I rode a bike around the southern tip, as you recommended. That was another impressive experience.
So, those are my impressions of your NY tips. We had an amazing time—the scent of this big, wide world was breathtaking! Thank you for your help, your reliability, and your valuable recommendations.

Linda Schnüriger, Weggis (Switzerland)

LOCALIKE should exist in every great city :-)

Anke Peters, Hamburg (Germany)

We had a truly memorable trip. Your tips and recommendations were valuable contribution to our vacation experience! We visited the rooftop bar you suggested on our last evening - and as you mentioned, our kids were allowed in as well. The dinner at the Vietnamese restaurant was also very good. We’ll be very happy to recommend you to others.

Doris Gantenbein, Wollerau (Switzerland)

We had an unforgettable time in New York thanks to your tips.
The highlights included:

  • Rooftop bar: a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere and a great view
  • Farm on a high-rise: first a visit to the rooftop farm and then a stop at the coffee shop downstairs for a sandwich made with fresh ingredients from the farm. That was a great start to our visit
  • Dinner: very pleasant and most of all, very, very delicious food
  • Taco restaurant: exactly as described. Great food and a stylish space
  • Breakfast recommendations: wonderfully French and a breakfast that remained memorable throughout the day
  • Market: a wonderful atmosphere. Lots of people take the food they buy there to the park nearby. Then ice cream in the suggested ice cream shop. We couldn’t go wrong.

We’ve recommended LOCALIKE several times and will continue to do so.

Patrick Gross, Lucerne (Switzerland)

Your service was wonderful. The organization of the tickets for the basketball game was quick and uncomplicated. It was a great experience. A heartfelt thanks.

Kathrin Graf, Cologne (Germany)

Our stay in New York was remarkable and full of exciting encounters and impressions! And not least thanks to the tips you put together for us. We will definitely come visit this wonderful city again and will be happy to use your services when we do. Thank you!

Angela Hangartner, Zurich (Switzerland)

It was perfect. Thanks so much!

Barbara Wipf, Wesen (Switzerland)

A quick thank you for your tips and suggestions for my two-day stay in New York! As usual I didn’t have enough time to check off all the things on my to-do list, but the tips I did consult and try out I found sensational! I would have walked right by many of them if I hadn’t been explicitly led there by your advice. Many thanks. I’d be glad to refer you again on my next NY trip!

Andreas Heinze, Ettlingen (Germany)

We’d like to thank you again for the excellent travel program you assembled for us so quickly. We tried out about 90% of your suggestions and in the process walked around til our feet were sore—but it was more than worth it! :)

Beat Ehrler, Bern (Switzerland)

Thanks so much for the many wonderful tips you assembled for us at such short notice! The advice was wonderful. And the American football game really made an impression on us!
We will definitely recommend LOCALIKE.

Christa Brugisser, Neerach (Switzerland)

I’d like to thank you for the travel program. My partner and I experienced a lot and have taken some wonderful impressions of New York back home with us. The restaurant selection was excellent. Thanks so much. I’ll be happy to recommend you to others.

Tom Ahrendt, Bielefeld (Germany)

The suggestions were wonderful, the reservations were very helpful, and the selection of restaurants was super.
Keep up the good work!

Henriette Fässler, Mühlethurnen (Switzerland)

We’d like to thank you very much for your excellent service. The tips you selected for us were not only relevant and useful but also inspiring. Thanks to you, the anticipation of our stay in New York was also much greater. Upon arrival we were immediately able to discover the New York that’s off the beaten track. Your service is not only highly professional—you can also feel the creativity and passion behind it. We’ll recommend LOCALIKE in very good conscience.

Marcello Molinari, Zurich (Switzerland)


Verena Scherer, Duisburg (Germany)

I’d just like to thank you again for the super insider tips. Thanks to LOCALIKE, we had New York experiences we otherwise probably would never have had.
And the rooftop bar: WOOOOOOOOW...

Patrick Schwander, Altwis (Switzerland)

Great! I couldn’t have done it alone!!!

Maike Schuster, Hamburg (Germany)

Friendly and quick to respond—excellent! Good insider tips. We liked it a lot.

Reto Wolfer, Seengen (Switzerland)

The service and everything else was simply wonderful and made our trip extraordinary.
Way to go!

Silvan Brechbühler, Bülach (Switzerland)

Thanks very much for the wonderful tips. They were especially well tailored to my tastes. All of the tips were easy to find with your directions. See you soon.

Simon Vogel, Aichbach (Germany)

We’d be happy to recommend you and ask for your help again if we come back to New York. Thanks so much for your very personal service. The dinner in the restaurant was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Thanks for making it work with the reservation.

Tanja Gubler, Dottikon (Switzerland)

Thanks to your tips we discovered lots of great places.
We’d be happy to recommend LOCALIKE to others.

Mia Berchtold, Zurich (Switzerland)

We’ve enjoyed thinking back on our New York journey, which thanks to your great suggestions was unforgettable. Thanks again for that!

Axel Kretsch, Cologne (Germany)

WOW! Just WOW! What an amazing service!

Lisa Wolf, Bern (Switzerland)

Thanks to your wonderful recommendations, we were very active and saw/experienced a lot. Thanks so much!
Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit all of the recommendations, but it was a great selection.

Kevin Mertens, Mainz (Germany)

This was just right for us. It was our first visit to New York and we wanted to see things that we otherwise wouldn’t see on a first visit. It was everything we’d hoped for! We’re totally delighted!

Franziska and Dominique Benz, Bäretswil (Switzerland)

Our expectations were drastically exceeded. I’ll be happy to recommend you to my friends.

Stephan Eppstein, Karlsruhe (Germany)

We had a lot of fun with all of the recommendations. Wonderful, personal customer service. Please keep up the good work!

Kevin und Bettina Meier, Landsberg (Germany)

It was great! Thanks so much. Even the spontaneous ticket orders worked. We’ll be happy to recommend you.

Marietta Küng, Zurich (Switzerland)

A thousand times better than any travel guide. I’ll definitely recommend you to others!

Christian Winkel, Starnberg (Germany)

A great service! I’d be happy to recommend you to others. The play you suggested was amazing!

Jacqueline Turner, Zurich (Switzerland)

The food at the restaurant you suggested was some of the best we’ve ever had in our lives!

Inge Mesmer, Dottikon (Switzerland)

We’ll be back in New York in November and will definitely get in touch with you again beforehand. You’re doing great work!

Beatrice Heinemann, Vienna (Austria)

I just want to thank LOCALIKE for the great service. The recommendations were wonderful, as was the last-minute information concerning the outlet. We got to know NY restaurants, shops, and corners we wouldn’t otherwise have discovered.

Nancy Maler, Zug (Switzerland)

The weekend was simply perfect. Your recommendations all hit the nail on the head. You chose perfectly. Nothing more to say!

Christoph Mazé, Berlin (Germany)

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount and diversity of recommendations. They fit our tastes very well. All in all: wonderful! I’ll definitely recommend you to my friends and book the service again for my next NY tip. Thank you!

Viviane Dean, Winterthur (Switzerland)

Everything was very well explained with directions, prices, etc. I would definitely have missed a couple of exciting sites if it hadn’t been for LOCALIKE—I wouldn’t have known that they exist at all :)

Brigitte Obermann, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

My personal thanks to you. That was an amazing feat! Whenever it comes up we will recommend you 100%.

Stefan Kern, Hamburg (Germany)

Your service was right on point. The travel profile is well organized and the travel program is nice and clearly designed.

Priska Treisch, Davos (Switzerland)

Just great!

Meret Glauser, Luzern (Switzerland)

It was quite an experience to try out your suggestions. The two days were packed from the breakfast to the evening jazz club! Since I’d seen the main tourist attractions years ago, your sometimes unique hints really enriched the experience. Thanks for a very successful two days!

Thomas Hein, Vöcklabruck (Austria)

I booked LOCALIKE as a supplement to a tour I’d already planned so that my kids, who are 11, 15, and 17, would see parts of New York that aren’t on every tourist’s agenda. LOCALIKE fully lived up to our expectations and we were delighted to have the tips, which were individual and tailored to our needs. Through LOCALIKE, we ate at unusual restaurants, visited a private park, saw the city from the water on a small, cozy boat, and visited a former meat warehouse full of shops and restaurants—all of which we wouldn’t otherwise have done. The maps and directions that went along with each hint made it easy for us to find the various destinations. The descriptions were short but detailed and informative. LOCALIKE is a great format and we’ll definitely recommend it to others. Thanks so much for your amazing work!

Simone Eichner, Essen (Germany)